Writing the story that discovers you!

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It is a great pleasure to share this next podcast with you.  Keeping it in the vault was truly tough because it was inspiring to prepare for the recording and see how the energy was transpiring the thoughts and opportunities, and then the balance and flow that came through the podcast.  We hope that you experience this same joy as you listen and explore the concepts in this podcast.  As well the movement activity at the end is an incredible way to enjoy the outdoors, and many of you may already be doing this, but can bring it to more awareness through a few simple additions.

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Sharing your True Story with Krystal Hille!

As we look into finding our authentic selves, living our best life, or staying grounded and mindful, we are creating a conscious and deliberate path forward.  This requires effort, willpower, determination, and focus.  What if we could eliminate that effort?  What if we could transpire a situation by an energetic connection to its integrity and beauty? What if the power of intention was open to transformation when we let go and connected with universal energy?

For some, this journey seems unbelievable or some of that “woo woo” stuff that energy healers do.  When we look at the power and science of intention, it is much deeper than a wishful thought.  It is not a linear journey, but a curiosity to face the unknown and to be empowered by its possibility.  With this opportunity to surrender and to be vulnerable we find the nuggets of true possibility, and our ability to find the highest potential within.

My guest today strives to find the jewel in her connections.  As a publisher and a writer, Krystal Hille, inspires thousands with her attention to intuitive writing, vulnerable moments of reflection, and writing from a place of wonder that can transpire the writer’s life, but also the reader who journeys along the road too. An entrepreneur since 2008, and a publisher since 2021 Krystal is owner of Hille House Publishing is an international speaker, bestselling author, and soul leadership mentor.

As we listen to her story of transformation today, and how that is now an inspiration for others, consider your story.  Consider your ability to share your story.  We hope we inspire you to compassionately share and help others through your story.

We apologize for the mic challenge in this recording, and hope that the content draws you past the glitch we had with the mic. Be sure to listen through to the movement suggestions as we share the 5 Senses Walk as a way to get you inspired and centered.

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