Where can dance take you with performance? To the North Pole of course!

Rhonda Gillrie and I have been dance buddies for 4 decades, and we continue to share and support each other with our careers in dance.  We began as competitors sitting beside each other at the local highland dance competitions in central Alberta.  We supported each others successes and failures, and delighted in seeing who might place where each event.  When we headed to University we chose different career paths, but we kept in contact.  Then, our children came along, and we met at dance competitions that our dance studios were participating in, and our children were dancing at.  Our respective dance studios have seen many changes over the years, but we have always held steadfast to our passion of showing youth how dance can enhance your life in every way.  Our current paths have led us to become mentors for the younger generation of teachers, as well as for studio owners.  Each of us has had a studio operating for over 3 decades.  We are always striving to find the best approach for helping our special students, and for achieving teamwork, friendship, technical support and more.  I could not resist writing about the incredible experience that has found the dancers of Stettler, Alberta.  And, for a fantastic career in dance and choreography, I marvel at the ingenuity of Rhonda’s creative spirit to bring performance to a new level on a train trip of immense imagination and celebration.  Please read the story I have prepared about Rhonda’s Danceology students and what has become a living tradition celebrated well beyond the community they embrace.  Congratulations Rhonda on an incredible career in Dance.  May the Highland Fling forever spring from your feet, and the Dance God’s continue to bless your imagination and passion for sharing DANCE!

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