What kind of exercise do you choose as you age?

The fountain of youth is waiting for all of us in the place where we respect and listen to our bodies. Do we know how to truly respect our limitations and our abilities? Do we know how to listen to the cues shared by our body? What is a pain for signaling stress and pain for physical dysfunction?

Sharing Dynamic Sitting exercises at the 2020 FEM Power event.

These are very valuable questions, and ones that Michelle often addresses in her classes. For the last year, the classes offered at Dance Debut Inc. have been focused on raising awareness about how you can sense stress and acknowledge the messages you are receiving. And, the idea of dysfunction as a result of tension has been explored to provide a release for tissue and joints. Many students are surprised that pains and aches that have been with them for a long period of time just melt away, sometimes in minutes. They had considered the pain to be a physical dysfunction that was a part of aging and that would just get worse over time.

With such assumptions a part of “aging” as people often describe or think, it is always a surprise to students and clients, that Michelle can transform a life path with a conversation and a few exercises. It is truly transforming all week long at Dance Debut.

Michelle shared some of these ideas in a recent article published by Total Shape Magazine: “Best Exercises for Seniors to Burn Fat.” Since so many people are still thinking about exercise as a fat-burning activity, Michelle shares a different viewpoint. This introduces the idea of whole-body movement patterns like spirals and open joints that release tension. Strength results from the new tissue release, as well as flexibility. Do you need to burn fat, or do you need to strengthen and support the three burners in the body: respiration, digestion, and elimination, so that the body can process fat and toxins? Gentle movement programs as described in the article do more than just protect the joints and bones, they actually reduce stress and with the spiral, flush the bone marrow and bone to strengthen them. Here is an example of how the tissue moves in coordination.

If you are ready to make changes to your wellness practices, reach out to Michelle at info@dancedebut.com and book a 15 minute chat about your options and how to maximize your self-care plan. With the online and in-person options, there is opportunity for instant success.

We know we want change, but sometimes we just can’t push that button to move forward.

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