What is happening in Tatamagouche at Journey to the Heart Healing Center

Hello Everyone!  One very astute student asked me to describe what was happening in Tatamagouche, and also what some of the healing tools were that I used.  As this is always a challenging topic to describe, I thought I might share some of what I compiled for her.

A typical week for me includes sharing dance across several communities with children from age 2 to teen.  This schedule you can find in the blog that lists all the classes being offered for the winter and spring.  As well, there are the Tai Chi Cape Breton classes that happen each week as well.  These you can find posted on the calendar, cancellations due to weather are posted there as well.

In the fall a very special relationship developed with several healers and included the incredible owner of “Journey to the Heart”, Melissa Denning from Tatamagouche.  Over the weeks that I gathered in Tat to do healing sessions, I built a special triad of healing called Tessellation Integration Sessions with Natascha Polomski and Tessa McAulay.  We also learnt about the work of Brian Debartoli using MWO Antenna’s and a Tessla Coil.  Each week has been a journey of discovery that brings more tools to clients and ourselves for assisting with movement challenges and healing.

I continue to study for my Master’s Thesis in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Akamai University in Energy Kinesiology (which means using muscle testing to assist with shifting the energy in the body to create a harmonious flow across the different systems and their corresponding muscles).  I share new knowledge with my classes each week from my reading and writing.

Below is my answer to my student that helps describe some of the tools that I am working with and exploring.  And, of course, please feel free to send a message, sign up for a class, or join us for a special workshop or event.  There is a lot happening and so many incredible things to learn.  If I can help in any way, please just let me know.

What are the pendants that we have seen you wearing and that you have been bringing in for others?

The pendants are mini antenna’s that use the Golden Ratio Multiwave Oscillation.  That is, the rings of copper are at specific lengths that match the Golden Ratio and represent the different frequencies of the notes of the scale.  The spread of the Tesla Coil Frequencies help every cell in the body resonate at their natural vibratory rate.  The benefit is that detoxification and rejuvenation of the cells allows them to return to their natural rate, much like tuning an instrument to make it sound right or in harmony.  The coils worn continuously around certain parts of the body invigorate the strength of the human cells and provide -ions.  More information can be found the facebook page:  Healing Cancer Tumors with MWO Antennas, or at www.emfionizer.com.

What does a full size antenna do? 

The full size antennas and the tesla coil allow for energy to be added to the frequency wave to build a complete bubble for people to sit or lay within.  The effect of this extra boost speeds up the process of rejuvenation and healing for the cell structure.  This is all based on the research and success of the Lakhovsky Mutiwave machine and experiments, and his work with cancer patients.  The antennas work on their own and can change the -ions in a room when faced to each other at about 3 feet apart.  And, that can be magnified by adding the tesla coil to charge the antennas.  (We have had the antennas in Tai Chi class and noticed the change in flexibility, strength and openness in the body, just by having them set up.  Anyone interested in having a session with them can book a private time to do so and experience their magic – the sessions only need to be for about 5 – 10 minutes at the most, once or twice a week).

What does a private session entail?

A private session with Michelle Greenwell can center around the needs of the client to remove a pain, balance some muscles in the body, shift the body to resonate with a goal or objective, or to destress and calm the system.  Her approach is based on what the client indicates is their need.  She can shift the way the body is open for change and for healing and speed up the process of wellness opportunity.  Her approach begins with muscle testing to determine the priority of the body, and then using tools and techniques from Energy Medicine, including Touch for Health and Therapeutic Touch that she has honed over two decades of study.  Currently a student at Akamai University in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, her specialty is using movement to heal the body and to provide tips and tools that the client can take home and continue to use for their own self-care.  The cost of a session is currently $85 for approximately 60 – 7 5 mintues depending on the needs of the client.

What is happening in Tatamagouche?

In Tatamagouche, Michelle works with other healers at the Journey to the Heart center at 225 Main Street.  The group gathers twice a month on a Wednesday for the full day to offer different kinds of sessions.  Currently, private sessions can be booked in the morning, there is a FREE lunch and learn from 12 – 1, and then a special session of 30 minutes can be booked with Tessellation Integration Sessions.  This session combines the healing talents of Michelle, Natascha Polomski with Singing Bowl Massage, and Tessa McAulay who is a light worker creating a cohesiveness of energy grids within and surrounding the body.  Michelle’s role during this session is to determine the goal of the client, find the stumbling blocks and create the opportunity for change to happen based on the goals and ambitions identified through muscle testing.  Lastly, the day finishes with a Sound Essence Bath from 6 – 7 pm.  People can bring a mat, pillow, and blanket and lie down to relax and snooze while they listen to the sounds of multiple singing bowls, a gong, koshi chimes and hapi drums (steel drums).  Michelle creates a meditation dialogue around a central theme for the evening and mists Sound Essence sprays over the body that help to shift frequencies on many levels through these special sprays.  The sprays include essential oils, gemstones, color, intention, symbols, and water vibrated at specific frequencies for Meridians, Chakras, the Auric Field, or a combination of these with other elements.  Tessa holds the space for the group at a high level of consciousness using gem stones, tools, instruments, intention and inner dialogue that she receives during the event.

How do I learn about the Quantum Wave Lasers?

The Quantum Wave Laser Club is an opportunity for people to come and work with a red, infrared, or violet laser for a small rental fee.  This can be applied to scar tissue, wrinkles, muscle challenges, bone, and more.  There is a complete guide to work with to determine what setting to use with the lasers, as well as different probes to focus the laser into more specific tissue.  As these lasers are very powerful, they provide an opportunity to work on both soft tissue layers as well as bone, and into the auric field layers surrounding the body as well.  A full session with the laser and one healer is also possible.

What courses do you teach so others can learn how to use the same techniques?

Touch for Health classes are taught as a workshop for 2 days.  We currently have a level 1 in Truro in February and in Mabou in April.  Level 2 will be in Tatamagouche in March.  This course begins the learning of muscle testing and assessing the 14 meridians and organ systems in the body.  With simple meridian sweeps, Neurovascular holding points on the head, Neurolymphatic rubs on the body, or Emotional Stress Release holds the body can be balanced and brought back to equilibrium with minimum effort.  A level 1 course allows the participant to be able to work with friends and family to help them find pain relief, reduced stress, sleep changes, improved movement, improved strength and flexibility and more.  The tools are simple and profound.  Weekly classes are also taught in Belle Cote.

Qi YINtegration  – a movement system to balance the body has been developed over several years and is taught weekly in several locations:  Belle Cote, Mabou, and Port Hawkesbury.  In February this will go live with an online webinar for Set 1 becoming available.  This includes special video footage and a new book.  This is a great gift, a great way to study at home, and a tool to refer to repeatedly for assistance with different movement and energy challenges. This course has been created by Michelle and includes 6 different sets of information that works through the body, the meridians, the chakras, the auric field, and more.  The current session is utilizing the use of symbols and begins with the symbols found in Peru at the Nasca Lines.  These symbols all provide different intentions for energizing and revitalizing the body, mind and spirit.


For more information about when we are in Tatamagouche please email Michelle at info@dancedebut.com.  If you would like to join us for lunch and learn, please bring a bag lunch with you, and there is a shop at “Journey to the Heart” – feel free to stop in for a visit and check it out!  The dates for the Winter (weather permitting) are:  January 17 and 31, February 7 and 21, Mar 7 and 21, April 11 and 25.

Private sessions may be booked in different locations on Cape Breton Island as well as on skype.

Private sessions with Natascha Polomski and the singing bowls, as well as with Tessa McAulay are also possible.  Just connect with us to book a time.

And as always you can find more information on YouTube: Michelle Greenwell, and Facebook:  The Feet First System, Qi YINtegration, The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine, Inverness County Happenings, Intend2RaeD8 Teas, One Step to Change Direction, and Tai Chi Cape Breton.

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