What does a BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitator do?

This blog post is an attempt to support helping the public to understand what it means for Dr. Michelle Greenwell to be a BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitator, and how her decades of training and experience might be just what you are looking for on your wellness journey. Michelle’s approach as a facilitator means that she empowers her students and clients and provides skill building along with their wellness sessions. Here is what Michelle has shared about her expertise…

Many people ask what it is I do. Here is a snapshot for people to understand how programs at Dance Debut Inc may support their self-care and well-being plans. With today being World Self-Care Day – perhaps there is a program for you!

For over 40 years I have been a dance educator who has helped thousands of students gain knowledge about their body, mind, and spirit as they have learned how to warm up the body for movement, engage with music and musicians, and found their passion for dance. Owner of Dance Debut for over 35 years, the business has evolved from being a full-on studio in Alberta to being a recreational program for dance in Nova Scotia, to being a dance for well-being business post covid. For those people wanting to dance for fun, this is the place to find a home and learn more about the body and well-being through dance.

For over 30 years I have been passionately involved in Tai Chi. For the last 12 years, I have instructed for Tai Chi Cape Breton, up and down Route 19. Initially offering Moy Tai Chi classes, I have now expanded beyond the sharing of the Tai Chi form, to sharing a deeper understanding of the body and the biofield, with examples of movements from the Seated Form of Tai Chi, as well as sharing more about the 5 Element Theory from Chinese Medicine and how it relates to movement and mood, to Chakras and balancing the Nerve Plexus’ in the body, to deeper breathing and a calm mind. Class includes having harp accompaniment by Brenda Bowen Cox whenever possible.

For the last 20 years, I have studied with leading experts in the world who use biofeedback and muscle monitoring to listen to the cues of the body for its well-being. This has included Touch for Health Instructor training, Therapeutic Touch Foundations Instructor training, and a deep dive into NeuroReflex Integration studying with Dr. Svetlana Masgutova from Poland. With a centered focus on movement and how we walk, hold our posture, and feel each day, I have built workshops, courses, sessions, and one-on-one opportunities to help people to -realize the stress signals from their body and create balance and flow to release these stressors.

I am often asked, but what do you do? I solve problems. I solve pain and joint issues. I support emotional challenges and create mental clarity. I inspire new ways of thinking about the world and achieving goals. I listen to the needs of the client or student, and I respond to their needs in a way that brings harmony back into their mind, body, and life. The tools I enjoy the most include movement, however I also am able to muscle monitor systems in the body, reflex integrity, nutrition, breathing, movement pattern coordination and limitations, stress levels, and more.

Many people enjoy the benefits of a movement class with me, where we work together as a group to learn and grow with energy techniques linked to movement patterns. One-on-one sessions provide the space for personal priorities to be identified and supported. I help people to problem solve for clarity of purpose and well-being.

The Dr. Rogers Prize nomination, and the support of colleagues shared in the last blog post, like Denise Cambiotti, Dr. Mats Melin, Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, and Tanya Levy, have assisted with identifying my key attributes in the field of Complementary and Integrative Health through CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine), means that I can more succinctly continue on the road of compassionate offering to help those in need of support with their self-care journey.

Please stay tuned for the fall programs for group classes both online and in-person, and know that a one-on-one session is possible at any time. For those who have followed the tea journey, The Cape Breton Tea Company, will continue to grow and support well-being one cup of tea at a time. The Be Well with Michelle Greenwell podcast will also continue to engage the audience in new ideas and experiences.

World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day with Tai Chi Cape Breton on the Whycocomagh Waterfront and for lunch at Charlene’s Restaurant.

Sharing Dynamic Sitting exercises at the 2020 FEM Power event.

A Touch for Health Balance provides turning on muscles for greater movement strength and flexibility.

Gathering herbs for tea!

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