Wellness Programs this Fall

Wondering what to do to kick start your Fall Wellness plan? Be Well with Michelle Greenwell has many programs to choose from for adults, including an online Stepdance class, Tai Chi Cape Breton classes in Inverness and Creignish, as well as online and in-person workshops and weekly classes. There is so much to choose from.

Why wait to see if your pain will go away? Have you considered how your stiffness or limited motion might be affecting your mood? Perhaps you haven’t been sleeping well or have trouble concentrating. Michelle Greenwell specializes in troubleshooting the main cause of discomfort or stress and finding an easy way to transition the body, mind, and spirit into joy and ease. Using simple movement options and energizing techniques she can transform your day!

Looking for more information? Info@dancedebut.com – Share your area of interest and Michelle will find you the right class!

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