Welcome our new Creativity Manager

Dance Debut introduces Michellie

– Always striving to bring more to the students and teachers involved with Dance Debut and its programs, we are expanding. Welcome aboard Michellie Greenwell as our new Creativity Manager! We look forward to the implementation of new ideas, artistic endeavors and organizational skills to bring the company forward to support the programs and the student’s learning. Check out some of Michellie’s artistic abilities with the new logos on Facebook: Tai Chi Cape Breton, Qi YINtegration, The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine, and the Feet First System. Still to come: Heart of the Hand and Dance YINtegration, as well as products and services in the SHOP. Michellie was instrumental in the design of both the Qi YINtegration t-shirt and the Tai Chi Cape Breton t-shirt. Currently developing new teaching tools to support the programs under the K.E.Y., there are many new endeavors being released over the next few months. Keep checking back on the website for the launch of the new SHOP, as well as Educational postings on Facebook.

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