Weight Loss, Allergy Relief, Breathing and Snoring…New Classes launching

Healthy Habits 101:

Weight Loss Goals on Target

Looking for 10 individuals with a weight loss goal this New Year!  Launching a new program of self-discovery, goal setting, emotional recharging and habit changing, this program will lead you into the new desires and goals with ease and steadfastness.  The group will gather on Monday mornings from 11 – 12, or Wednesday evenings from 7:30 – 8:30 for 10 weeks.  The cost for this program is $70 and includes tips and tools to assist your goals.  The class will meet at the Greenwell’s.


Allergy Relief

Are you plagued by allergies that are specific to animals, foods, chemicals, or situations?  Michelle is looking for individuals ready to let go of these life challenges and to accept that life does not have to have irritating reactions!  The cost for a session with Michelle is $65.  This will include a 60 to  90 minute  healing session with Michelle and a follow-up appointment of up to 60 minutes to tweak anything new that may have come up as a result of the changes made to the body.  Appointments will be accepted on a first come first served basis with this promotion being held for the month of January.


Take a Deep Breath and Sleep Easier

Have you been challenged with snoring, plugged sinuses, sleep apnea, shallow breathing or more?  This session is designed to teach you about breathing tools that can assist the way you sleep, play and go about your daily activities.  Healing tools will include looking at the emotions that may be hindering the breathing opportunities your body is experiencing.  Monday evening from 6:30 – 7:30 for 8 weeks.  Class will be held at the Greenwell’s.

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