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We all have value when we reach out to engage with others!

You know when people ask you if they can give you a hand, how you politely thank them and tell them you are ok, you can do it yourself. Or, when you see someone struggling, and you offer a hand, but they tell you they have it. We find it so hard to receive help or to ask for help, yet, we can eagerly offer to help and we want to help. This altruistic nature is something we all engage with, yet have trouble accepting.

How about when someone offers you a compliment? How do you accept it? How do you respond. I know that I have said such things as “oh this old thing, I have had it for years, or I really need a haircut, this hair is just so unruly.” After I have said those things, in the back of my mind I am wondering why in the world I responded that way and what the other person must think as I put down their noticing and their joy in what they have seen.

Let’s move that forward to compassionate living and wanting to help others in need. Today Charlene and I will be looking at the responses that have happened in British Columbia with the fires, evacuations, outreach of neighbours, the first responders unending support, and the front-line firefighters who have given their all to save land, animals, families, homes, and businesses.

Are you ready for an update about the Moyo family, we are sharing more about the compassionate outreach that is happening and all that is becoming possible. Do you want to make a donation in their honor? Please follow the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/Stephen-Moyos-Mission4change

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Don’t forget to prepare a cup of tea for our conversation, and you can learn more about tea at www.capebretontea.ca.

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