Vocalize your Power and Transform Energy Vampires with Clancy Cox

It is a true joy to share time with Clancy and her incredible vocal skills. How are you voicing your power?

Do you have those days when you felt great at the start, on top of your game, and ready for the tasks of the day, only to find an hour later that you feel deflated and ready for bed? How do you transform so quickly from success and eagerness to loss and heaviness?

Today we are talking about Energy Vampires. Those people and situations that zap the life right out of you. Can you imagine how empowered you can be with the right tools in your hand and the ability to foresee the challenges coming your way?

Now, my guest today, Clancy Cox, was with us in Season 2 and helped us understand our voice and our power to speak. Today she is sharing her shift in focus from vocal coaching to empowering people to speak and to support themselves with their voices and their actions.

You may remember that Clancy is an accomplished Soprano performer and coach with a long list of performances and collaborations that showcase her divine talent. Clancy Cox has lived in several parts of the United States over the years but calls the State of New York home. After a car accident that left her in chronic pain, Clancy found her answers to healing through yoga and voice.

Today, Clancy is extending her expertise with the voice to help us navigate the energy vampires that can drain our joy for living and take down our energy leaving us depressed and despondent.




To reach out to Clancy, please go to her website: Clancycox.com

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