Upcoming Workshops to Highlight! Touch for Health, Qi YIN, Dance and Tai Chi

Upcoming Workshops to Highlight – Spring 2016

Take a look at all that is happening this spring. If you are interested in learning a little dance, see the Judique listing for adults. If you are wanting to remove pain from your feet, ankles, knees and more, see the listing for Feet in Judique. If you want to learn more about Touch for Health, Level 3 is in February, and we are always looking for volunteers to have a balance on the muscles, just send a message for more information. If you are new to Qi YINtegration and would like to learn more about Set 1 and Set 2, there are special workshops there for you. And, we have a special Tai Chi event happening in April. More will be posted shortly. So much to do, and so much learning is possible. And, of course, you are always welcome to join a class currently running. We would love to see more join us all over Inverness County and Port Hawkesbury!

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