Understanding the science behind the Qi YIN program


This article gives an overview of the science being explored both in physics and quantum physics related to health in the body. In Qi YINtegration Set 2 and 3 we explore the Assemblage Point and how to maintain its healthy position, as well as the Chakras, the Auric Field, the Hara Line, the Meridians and the Elements. The human body and energy field is a fascinating playground. And, to use movement from Dance and Tai Chi to reinstate the health in challenged areas is very powerful.

Upcoming workshops include Set 2 of Qi YIN on April 10th, Touch for Health Level 3 and 4 in April and May, Set 3 of Qi YIN on May 1st, and The Tai Chi 5th Anniversary Celebrations beginning April 20th to April 30th. Many opportunities to learn how to heal the body through your own power.

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