Transforming Lives with our Everyday Actions

We all can make a difference with simple actions of love and compassion!

Today we are honouring the power of women to rise up and be counted in our villages, families, and countries. My sister, Charlene Waines, has made it her life mission to help one large orphaned family in Malawi, and her love and compassion for their lives and their thriving are the center of her day and her everyday actions.

We are joined by my colleague, Melissa Deally, also from the West Coast of Canada, and someone also passionate about her calling to help women and girls thrive. Their messages and understanding of the challenges of women in third-world countries are critical for us to know and understand. If we do not know the challenges faced by women around the world, we cannot stand up and be heard and to find a way for all women and girls to matter and to be thriving. Also, we need to know how simple it can be for us to take action and to make a difference. A difference that is bigger than we can imagine.

You heard our guest, Melissa, on an early podcast. She is an award-winning author and podcaster for the “Don’t Wait for Your Wake-up Call” show. Her real true value is her one one-on-one sessions with people to get them moving forward with their wellness plan and identifying the habits and patterns that have been set to go past the stress signals in the body. She is an Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioner, also trained in NLP, and Timeline Therapy, and is a Hypnotherapy teacher. She’s dedicated to helping her clients discover the root cause of their health issues and truly heal while detoxing their physical, mental, and emotional bodies. How did she find herself creating a foundation for girls and women and leading a cause?



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We are Grace Pads, Malawi’s leaders in Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Management. We are a local charity operating in Lilongwe Malawi, Africa and we produce high quality, low cost reusable sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene kits. With the help of donations, NGO’s and partnerships, we reach vulnerable girls and women in need of Menstrual Hygiene resources. Our mission at Grace Pads is to effectively combine sanitation, education and business to empower young Malawian women to reach their full potential.

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Girls Matter’s vision is to support education of girls in developing countries, to increase the respect, visibility and equality for girls in their communities. Girls Matter’s mission is to increase access to financial support for girls’ high school and / or post secondary education in developing countries.

3 key program areas: Educate girls to complete high school. In select cases, consider educating girls to complete University. Support girls to attend classes all year long, by providing menstrual pads (currently they regularly miss 1 week of classes / month). Through education, reduce the # of teenage marriages / teenage Moms.

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