Transforming into Happiness with Angel O’Brien

How are you creating the space for transformation? Is happiness included?

Celebrating the 11th Episode of the Be Well with Michelle Greenwell Podcast, with a wonderful colleague, Angela O’Brien from Check out the details!


Today’s episode is all about Happiness. When we talk about our children and their opportunity to thrive, we often express our desire to have them be happy with whatever they choose. For ourselves, we want our day to be a happy one, full of beautiful connections, feeling loved and connected, and enjoyment in what we are doing.

Let’s look at a few statistics about happiness from the studies exploring what it truly means to be happy. When we are achieving or experiencing happiness our heart rate is lowered and our blood pressure can drop, even our heart rate can slow and stabilize. The idea of positive psychology is to explore what it means to mental health and well-being if happiness is something achieved or achievable. Since the pandemic, we know that to be resistant to germs and illness, happiness can create a barrier for illness to result from connecting with someone sick. And those who lead stress-filled lives, can protect themselves by reducing their level of stress and instigating habits and thoughts that reduce stress and help their body experience this release.

Digging a little more into the science, aches, pains, dizziness, muscle strain, heartburn, mobility, and the immune system are all linked to our level of happiness and the stress hormones that run through us. We recognize that happy people often have a glow about them, wear brighter colors or accessories, and they are fun to be around – they are contagious.

Our guest today, Angela O’Brien has based her wellness business around the idea of happiness, in fact, she calls her business “Do Life Happy”.

As you are reflecting on the role that happiness plays in your life and the approach you take to connecting with yourself and others in a happy way, are you choosing to be happy?

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