Transformation through our Guides with Laura Hoorweg

How are you receiving support on your self-care journey? Have a listen to inspirations you may not know about!

Today’s podcast is taking a deep dive into guides, transformation and knowledge we can gain from the other side. I am joined by Laura Hoorweg who is a gifted Intuitive Counselor/Coach and Clairvoyant Medium. She started her spiritual journey at the tender age of 11 in search of God and the Angels, visiting multiple churches and places of worship by herself, even though she was not raised in a spiritual or religious family. She had an extraordinary transcendental out-of-body experience on the top of a cliff at the age of 15 which changed her concept of this world and what lies beyond it forever. Laura also took a pilgrimage to Costa Rica, Peru, Hawaii, and Brazil where she spent time healing and looking towards her next transformation.

Together we will be exploring the idea of transformation and our opportunity to have guidance along the way, but also a way to connect with our guides. If these ideas are new to you, this podcast will have you thinking differently about how you are supported every day. And, if this is a subject you have spent time in already, then let Laura lead you into new insights and opportunities with her wealth of experience and insights.



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