Time for Me Retreat!

Sept 24 – 26 in-person and online. The option is yours.

Come and join us for a weekend of me-time, self-discovery, healing, rest and relaxation.
We are going to:
– explore the tools of BioEnergetic Essentials (BEE) for our wellbeing. (Incl. book)
– create our new ME with the power of intention, tea and goal setting.
– enjoy time with meditations, new connections, sharing mealtime and stories.
– sit at the bonfire, walk to the shore, read, relax have an impromptu dance party.
– start the morning with Tai Chi
– spend an afternoon being creativeThis is a place and time to come back to yourself, breathe, rediscover and redefine yourself.Friday, Sep 24th to Sunday, Sept 26th. Space is limited to 6 participants in person at 220$ per person and 10 participants online at $150, including BEE book.Accommodation is available for 3 singles or max 6 in a bubble at double occupancy $160/room.Food and drinks are your own responsibility. Please bring what makes you happy.

Covid measures will be in place (masks / physical distancing)

All workshops are in-person (ip) and online (on) at the same time

Friday 24th:
4 pm Check-in (ip)
6 pm Meet and greet (ip/on)
6:30 pm Online class with Paula (Bee Stress Relief)
8:30 pm Making connections at the fireplace (ip)Saturday 25th:
9:30 am Tai Chi with Michelle outside (weather permitting) (ip/on)
10 am Workshop with Michelle (Bee Movement) (ip/on)
12 pm Free time to be creative take stroll reflect converse or relax
3 pm Workshop with Tanya (Bee Creative) (ip/on)
8 pm meditation with sound essence bath (ip/on)
The rest of the evening is open for group decisions in person or zoom rooms for those who would like to connect deeper with some of the online participants.
Firepit communications if weather permits or an impromptu dance party if desired.

Sunday 26th:
10 am Workshop with Natascha (BEE Sound and color)(ip/on)
11:30 am Meditative reflection on the weekend with Natascha (ip/on)
12:15 pm Closing (ip/on)
1 pm End

This is our retreat space:

Reserve your spot by email to: turnupthefrequency@gmail.com

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