Thriving with Challenge with Charlene Waines

Just put one foot in front of the other….just one more foot. Have you found yourself saying these words as you try to navigate the news, the weather challenges, and the personal and business challenges that have been unfolding for us in the last few years? How are you coping? How is your mental health? Do you have triggers?

It is so easy to look at the challenges in front of us, maybe beside us, and often behind us too, but with a feeling of despair or desperation. How do you transform those feelings into gratitude, trust, and celebration? It can be a fine line. Today Charlene will be sharing her experiences with the wildfires of British Columbia over the last few weeks, and the weather challenges of drought, flood, and typhoons experienced by the Moyo family in Malawi in Africa.

What provides resiliency? How do you face the next moment, day or week? What transitions you from feeling helpless to feeling hopeful? How does courage bring you back to your power?

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Soundbite exploring the essences of the herbs within the CommuniTEA tea.

To support the Moyo family with a tea purchase, please reach out to Charlene Waines on Facebook, or you can order the tea from

You can also go to Stephen Moyo Mission4Change Go Fund Me to help out with food, shelter, or women’s products along with medical care. Thank you for living compassionately and making a difference in our world!

To celebrate with friends and family is a gesture of self-care for everyone. Together we lift each other up.

When we compassionately reach out to others we bring a sense of peace to ourselves.

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