Therapeutic Touch, do you have this in your self-care toolbox?

I found this little gem this morning! As a newly appointed Foundations for Therapeutic Touch Instructor, I am so happy to be able to share this wonderful BioEnergetic Wellness Discipline with others. For me, everyone should have a Foundation in the effects of TT for assisting with headaches, burns, cuts, low energy, pain, sleep challenges, anxiety etc. For those undergoing treatment for illness, TT can support the system before the treatment, during and after. A reduction in symptoms from chemo, radiation, and surgery can often be experienced. It is very simple to use and doesn’t require any extra tools. With our isolation and restrictions at this time, TT can also be done as a distance treatment across miles, or on a computer call across miles with the same results, (or sometimes better) than being together in a room. To learn more, please keep up with my workshop event postings on The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine. Or check out a posting for your area at, for Canada, or for International.

One of my favorite tools to share!

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