The Songs in our Heart podcast!

You know when you find a kindred spirit and all your interests are sparked by the interests that are shared by another?  My guest today, Ruth Wishengrad, is that kind of kindred spirit.  I feel like my feet could just tap a little dance of delight, like Mumbles in the movie Happy Feet.  “We have to find our heart song all by ourselves, it’s the song we hear inside that makes us who we truly are.”  Even as I say these words they have been etched in my memory since that movie launched.  Chatting with Ruth and hearing her story, she supports children young and old to find their heart song and let it sing loud and clear.


Ruth Wishengrad has a master’s in education and has been teaching and training others for over 25 years, helping children and young at heart to clearly and effectively express and share their thoughts and feelings.  How does she do this?  In ways that are dear to my own heart – through fun, song, infectious melodies, rhythms, and movement.  She even plays with puppets – a true kindred spirit for me!  You may have listened to the Puppet Power episodes in Season 1.  So much can happen when our puppet voices and personalities can shine.


Today we are exploring how to find that heart song and the ways that Ruth can support others in their journey to express who they are and what they really stand for. If you have been holding back your voice, opinion, interests, or true dreams, then the podcast today may inspire you to step forward, think differently, and bring out the you that can shine for others to see and grow from.



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