The Science of Tai Chi and Qi Gong

As Dr. Greenwell approaches her presentations at this conference, she is excited to understand more about the people who are bringing a whole-body approach forward for self-care and well-being.  Her dedication to almost 3 decades of Tai Chi practice has brought her a wealth of experience and knowledge in relation to whole body movement and balancing the systems in the body.  To learn more about the kinds of work that she is involved in by transitioning her dance experience and knowledge with the power of Tai Chi.  Add in the Touch for Health knowledge of the electrical system and the connection of muscle, meridian, element, and health, as well as the neuro reflex integration techniques linking brain and body movement patterns, and you can understand how Dance Debut becomes a one-stop place for programs that support well-being in all parts of the day and for a good night’s rest.  Dance and movement are a very powerful way to bring joy, love, passion, and health into your life when you approach movement from a whole-body approach.

Take a look at this interview from the conference, and stay tuned as we share more about Michelle’s presentations based on her research and understanding through her dissertation experiences.


What is Whole-person health?

Sept 18 and 19, 2023 – The Science of Tai Chi and Qi Gong as Whole Person Health Conference (Osher Center for Integrative Medicine – Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

In-person presentationTai Chi Seated Form expands Awareness and BioFeedback to Develop Self-Empowerment Skills for Well-Being Daily

Poster board presentationThe Spine Emotions and the Five Element Theory Applications for Self-Care Programming through Art, Color, Tai Chi, Sound, and Affirmations

Also being shared at the 23rd World Congress online conference:

Sept 30, 2023 – 23rd World Congress: Integrative Health: Healing with Peace – The Seated Form of Tai Chi is a Pro-Active Self-Care Approach not just for Reactive Health-Care Recovery

Interested in more information?  Check out this interview from the Conference as well…

Tai Chi – A unique Mind-body practice

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