The Power of Music – what are you listening to?

A spiral of notes can completely change your mood and your movement – Thank you Brenda for inspiring us with your harp!

For several years we have had the privilege of Brenda Bowen Cox sharing her talents on the harp as she has played for our Tai Chi classes. We have explored the power of the harp on plants and their own voices as they sing through my Music of the Plant machine. Brenda has a unique way of opening up the notes in a scale so that the body can respond in kind with a release of tension, with a moment that stands still, and with a spine that feels the joy of movement and awakens to the patterns in Tai Chi. It is a dance, and the music is exquisite.

If you have not had the privilege of joining us for a Tai Chi class in Inverness or Creignish, or perhaps being in an online class through the fall and winter months, then be sure to check out this podcast to learn more about Brenda and her talents. Here are the links to the podcast episode:


At the Glenora Distillery for Qi Destinations, harp included!

If you wish to join the Tai Chi classes…see the schedule in the calendar. Stay tuned for the fall classes including Movement Made Easy, Qi YINtegration, and Dance classes for adults.

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