The Music that Moves You

Our intention with music can transform us in so many ways.

From Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Today I am excited to share the incredible talents of two musicians who have incredible talents as performers and recording artists. Our conversation today is about how music enriches our lives by being involved in it, and how understanding where the music has come from enriches the performance.

As you go about your day you may put the radio on, you may choose your favorite playlist to listen to, or you may sing or play yourself and bring memories forward with the tunes and songs you have known for years. Music pulls at our heartstrings and it helps bring us emotional and mental support.  For dancers, it is our vehicle for flow and inspiration as we move through the gestures of our dance style and our feelings.

With my career in dance that spans 5 decades, I have been moved by many styles over the years, but none like the Celtic music that surrounds me daily now. With several performance groups that toured Nova Scotia and Scotland in the late 90’s, it was through the music that I came to live in Mabou, Nova Scotia, and to be a part of the culture on Cape Breton Island. As you learn the stories about our guests, we hope that you will grow and be inspired to look at the music that moves you.

Mairi Britton hails from Scotland and calls Canada home as a newly received citizen living in Mabou. She is considered a triple threat with her singing, dancing, and musical talents as well as her understanding of the gaelic language. She is currently an archivist for the Language and Lyrics project at Cape Breton University.

Bradley Murphy is originally from Sydney, Nova Scotia, and is a triple threat with his understanding of the gaelic language, his fiddle and piano skills, and his incredible singing. He released his first album this past spring after spending time exploring the music archives at the Beaton Institute at CBU. Their talents will be shared at the Celtic Colours Festival coming up in a few weeks.



Sound Clip from Bradley

Sound Clip from Mairi

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