Tap and Tea Tuesdays begin July 6

It is an exciting time to be launching this special class for the summer and then again in the fall. Originally titled this way to include the power of the tea with intention and tap dancing. It has been enhanced even more. Through the special project I was working on for the Arts Education Sector with Cape Breton Partnership, I was able to explore adding some powerful energy techniques to what we are doing.

This Tuesday we will have the power of intention, the essences of the herbs, music to lift your spirits, tap dance and stepdance combinations, and the sequences that bring “tapping” or Emotional Freedom Technique into play. That means we can lift anxiety, pain, fear, and stress and help ease it away while we tap dance with our feet. Ready to be engaged in such a powerful tool? Join us!

Here is the link to register. A zoom link will be shared, and you can show up with barefeet, slippers, flip flops or tap shoes. All will work for this fun-filled class.


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