Tap and Tea Tuesdays

Class begins September 7th 3:30 – 4:15 pm Atlantic

Have you ever wanted to just tap your toes to the beat and find some patterns that feel good to express the music?

Have you ever wanted to put on your favorite music and have a little something that you can express out your toes?

Looking for something to de-stress, re-boot, and energize? This may be your class!

We are looking for people who want a little pick me up in the middle of the day, a chance to meet and share some tap dance fun, and a little Cape Breton Step Dance too! We begin with a warmup to get the whole body activated and inspired, then move into some patterns to explore. We top it off with some music to pick up the spirit and finish with a little cup of tea and a chat for those that want to stick around a little longer. A great break from the computer, or a lunch break.

Class is $70 for 8 weeks. Just send a message to Michelle at info@dancedebut.com to let her know you are interested.

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