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Have you had the thought that if people could just understand where you were coming from or how you think about things? What if you discovered that your assumptions about another person were incorrect and you had been pulling back from the relationship because of miscommunication? How do we begin to understand how the opposite sex or the relationships in our lives are thinking or feeling?

My guest today, Barbara Cole Salmeron, is a relationship illumination specialist, who thrives on providing a roadmap for communication between the sexes, with friendships, and colleagues. She demystifies the assumptions that have been a part of our history over the last century and pull us forward into a new set of strategies to help us with our relationship-building.

Barbara is more than just a talk-therapy kind of coach, but rather, someone who understands the energetic connection that people make, and she uses tools such as gongs and frequency, as well as energy tools to open a flow of communication and comfort for building thriving and enriching exchanges.

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Barbara Cole Salmeron Gong Master/Teacher

Stress Relief Specialist Relationship Capital Consultant, Speaker, Author

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