Tai Chi in Creignish begins July 7

Tai Chi Cape Breton is back up and running in person! We have found a new home at the Creignish Hall on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8 pm. We are looking forward to seeing all of our regular members back in class, as well as some of the friends and family who have been interested in learning more. To register for class, be sure to send a message to Michelle at info@dancedebut.com to reserve your spot. Beginners are welcome.

Class structure: 6:30 – 7:30 Seated and Standing Form Tai Chi, 7:30 – 7:45 Sabre, 7:45 – 8:00 Lok Hup.

For those not sure, start with Tai Chi and get your feet wet! Please come with no personal judgment or expectations. Just follow along and get to know how your body works and where the tight spots are. Together we will explore the way to release those tension zones and bring ease and flow to your movements. If you feel like you would like to know more, you are welcome to stay for Sabre and Lok Hup. All forms lead to a deeper understanding of movement your personal needs.

Masks will be required while registering at the start of the class, and when we are not social distancing. Once we are in place to do Tai Chi, we are good to remove our masks and enjoy the ease and flow of the movements. Thank you for your considerations of others by following the protocols and maintaining the social distancing. If you have been travelling out of province, or have been in contact with someone who has, or any other specification that could mean you may have been exposed to the Covid virus or variants, please do not attend class until you are cleared to do so. We all aim to keep each other safe while doing Tai Chi.

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