Tai Chi, Dance and the Endocrine System

Starting this Saturday, January 24th, we will be exploring health and well-being through a special 8-week session linking movement and the Endocrine System.  Each week will be placing our focus on different aspects of the system and compassionately expand our awareness of the vitality of the area to well-being.  We will inspire our movement patterns to create balance and flow for the area to raise in frequency and in harmony with the rest of the body and biofield.

For those who have not participated in Qi YINtegration yet, we have several years of exploration under our belt, with many tools and empowering sessions that have inspired us.  We gather online or in person to create a healing space for all of us to be empowered, find joy, and move into balance and harmony.

These classes involve goal setting and intention, we use awareness and ease of motion to understand the stress in our system related to our goal and everyday living, and we collectively activate and empower through special movement sequences brought forward for the class.

For those people who like to geek out about energy tools, the discussions are always enlightening, and for those who want to find the superpower inside of kinetic energy yintegration, we will explore.  In this session we will be using tai chi and dance to activate, and all the movements are ones which are easy to do and repeat throughout the week.

Our resources for this session will be inspired Michelle’s doctoral work as well as by the amazing resources:

Brain Formatting concepts from Hugo Tobar

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Affirmations from Pam Myers and Sally Worth

Endocrine movement activations inspired by Mantak Chia, Moy Lin Chin, Jinza Thayer, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Touch for Health knowledge from Dr. John and Matthew Thie, Dr. George Goodheart, Evelyn Mulders, and Denise Cambiotti

Affirmations from the Body and BioField Deck by Tanya Levy and Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Energy Activations by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook through Transform your Life with Energy Medicine concepts

It’s in the Cards Deck by Tanya Levy, Dr. Michelle Greenwell, and Paula Nowak Droog

Tea with Intentions by the Cape Breton Tea Company and the spiritual essences of the herbs as inspired by Evelyn Mulders

with a special appearance by a new program for Unwinding Trauma created by Tanya Levy, Dr. Michelle Greenwell, and Colin MacLeod

Are you ready to empower yourself and those around you?  Consider joining us for 8 weeks, starting this Saturday.  Class is from 9:30 – 10:45 ish, and the cost is $125 including tax.  You can etransfer to info@dancedebut.com.

Come join us for an amazing 8 weeks of healing opportunity with a great group of people.

If you haven’t been following Season 3 of the Be Well with Michelle Greenwell podcast, please check out this special episode released at the start of January “Radiant Living with Nourishing Self-Care”.

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