Tai Chi – Are you Taking Full Advantage?

If you are lucky enough to know some Tai Chi or Loh Kup you are a gifted person.  Many people in our society are looking for the perfect recipe for youthfulness and health.  They want to know how to be flexible, strong and energetic.  If you know Tai Chi – you have the KEY!  Are you using that key to your full advantage?  Are you practicing what you know?  Are you giving your body, mind and spirit the best that you can everyday?  And, why not?!


Tai Chi is a moving meditation that calms the mind, slows down our breathing and provides a sense of peace in our very busy world.  Chi, (or Qi), is our life force or energy.  We need to build our Chi everyday.  We need to lengthen our spine, rotate and manipulate our ligaments, tendons, fascia and muscle.  We need to breath out stagnant energy and air and rejuvenate our spirit with an influx of bright, clean energy.  Each posture and movement found in the foundation exercises Master Moy created bring us into alignment with ourselves and the world.  The movements of the Set allow us to bend, stretch, lengthen and strengthen our body.


By participating in class once or twice a week is a lesson in learning how to better our Tai Chi, but it is only the start.  Tai Chi needs to be a part of everyday.  It needs to become the way you move when picking up a box, or mowing the lawn.  It needs to be the way you make the bed, wash the windows or jog.  It needs to be the way you clear your mind of clutter and excess chatter to calm and reflect.  Don Yu’s are a part of the way you bend to reach into a cupboard, while Snakes are the way you push through the floor to gain power in moving from one place to another.  This muscles memory needs to be exercised everyday so the body reacts instinctively and completely.


What does practicing Tai Chi everyday provide you?  How about deep breathing, energy, flexibility, clarity of mind, coordinated movements, strength, balance, a decrease in pain or aches, lower blood pressure or reduced swelling.  There are numerous benefits experienced everyday with Tai Chi.  It can be done anywhere, with no props or special clothes.  It can be experienced on your own or with a group of friends.  It can energize you when you are tired and doesn’t require money or a line up to receive benefit.  Tai Chi can change your life.


So, with a little reflection, Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Tai Chi? What is holding you back?  What excuse are you giving importance?  What benefit are you trying to avoid? When will you be old enough or important enough to make Tai Chi your priority? What are You Waiting For?  You hold the key – Use it to your Optimum Benefit!

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