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Tai Chi Cape Breton Fall Newsletter

Welcome to a new season with Tai Chi Cape Breton! We are excited with all the planning underway for the education and development of our Tai Chi skills for the 2019 -2020 season. Check out what is coming up! Our 9th Year Annual Fall Workshops begin Monday August 26th to

The Layers of Tai Chi Learning and the Rewards of Patience

If you have wondered what all the hype is about with Tai Chi, perhaps this story will help you.  My journey with Tai Chi has covered almost 25 years, and I love it!  Of all the aerobic, fitness, dance, core training etc. that I have done across  my 40 years

The Seated form of the 14 Muscle Dance

The Seated Form of the 14 Muscle Dance   Thank you to Tai Chi Cape Breton for assisting with the video this morning.  As we have a seated version of Tai Chi, we felt that alternatives for the 14 muscle dance might help those people with movement challenges, or balance