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Posture, Stress and Emotional Release

Check out this very interesting study to see how movement can change the way you experience emotion, release it, and find a decrease in stress. If you think about moves from Tai Chi, dance, or micromovements that create a somatic experience, there is such possibility in a few adjustments to

Touch for Health in Halifax

It is with great excitement that I share the dates February 17th and 18th with you.  Finally, two days to share Touch for Health with the Halifax area.  If you have wanted to know more about how you can energize the body, balance the muscles for better performance and reduced

Stress Release Made Easy

Stress release Judique Stress Release Made Easy Judique – Judique Community Center Stress Release Made Easy – An Evening of Fun to Share Join us for this information session of what is possible to assist the body, mind and spirit to release the tension held in the body. Receive some