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Opening Your Presence with Greta Muller

Enjoy this amazing podcast episode with actress, presentation coach, and award-winning author, Greta Muller. Have you been holding back on who you are and how you present yourself? This podcast shares some valuable tips and tools on how to get started with your public presence. And, check out Greta’s new

The Heart of Performance and Presenting

The Heart of Performance with Colin MacLeod and Dr. Michelle Greenwell Buzzsprout with Chapter markers and links YouTube video version You know those jitters you get just before a presentation or pitching an idea? How about as a performer, waiting backstage for your name or your music to begin. We

Dance Debut is 35 Years old Today!

Dance Debut was imagined just after graduating from the University of Calgary with a Psychology Degree. My passion for educating and dancing moved me forward. Over the years I have taught on 4 continents, across Canada and the US, from infant to grandparent. Dance forms like stepdance, tap, jazz, highland,