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The Power of Music – what are you listening to?

For several years we have had the privilege of Brenda Bowen Cox sharing her talents on the harp as she has played for our Tai Chi classes. We have explored the power of the harp on plants and their own voices as they sing through my Music of the Plant

Have you heard about NeuroArts? Check out the latest research!

What is NeuroArts and how does Dance Debut programming support the arts and science research around wellness through the arts, music, and movement? Human flourishing requires the ability to be creative and to explore artistic opportunities for expression. This is a way to regulate and process emotional experiences and to

Special Edition Podcast: Balancing the 7 Chakras with Colin MacLeod

Balancing the 7 Chakras session came out of an amazing discussion with Colin MacLeod, www.celticfiddleguru.com, about how the Chakras support our energy and vitality and the way that music and movement can play with their energy. In the book, Affirmations for the Body and Biofield, (which can be found in

Be Well with Michelle Greenwell Podcast highlights fiddler Colin MacLeod

If you love fiddle music, and you are interested in creating the opportunity for you to move and feel better through the spine, then this episode will WOW you! Combining intention, tea, the vertebra in the spine with Colin MacLeod’s incredible talent to bring the power of the musical structure

Puppet Power with Michelle Greenwell

Puppet Power with Michelle Greenwell What an amazing journey Michelle has had with puppets. From her storybooks, “Stacey on the Keyboard” and “Peter on the Drums” she has transformed the idea of play and creativity for learning. Through the exploration of character development and storytelling, she has introduced the idea