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KinesioGeek Magazine Spring Issue

https://issuu.com/specializedkinesiologymagazine/docs/k_controversy_layout?e=26234737/69138634&fbclid=IwAR3c2iwz_ZuWJkAGdXopxfEqWiI7NzgcqHM2cIbrMJQwEHuOheofN8wbyq8 This has been quite a new year with all that has been happening for Canada and the “K” word. I am lucky to be a part of the conversation as a board member of CanASK, but also of a student in CAM. Please have a read and gain some

Color and Dance

Add a little color into your life.  Imagine if it was as simple as just wearing the right color for the day, or choosing a color that would provide you with energy, or if you painted your room a color that was uplifting and energizing.  So much is possible when