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DeStress with the Palm of your hand!

Many people wonder, what is Touch for Health? Biofeedback? Muscle Monitoring? It can be challenging to explain that energetic balance and flow can change everything. How can one facilitator support so many challenges and systems in the body at once? We are used to isolating our pains and complaints and

KinesioGeek Magazine Spring Issue

https://issuu.com/specializedkinesiologymagazine/docs/k_controversy_layout?e=26234737/69138634&fbclid=IwAR3c2iwz_ZuWJkAGdXopxfEqWiI7NzgcqHM2cIbrMJQwEHuOheofN8wbyq8 This has been quite a new year with all that has been happening for Canada and the “K” word. I am lucky to be a part of the conversation as a board member of CanASK, but also of a student in CAM. Please have a read and gain some

Understanding our Specialized Kinesiology in new terms.

Hello Everyone!  Over the last two months I have been deeply embedded in the Ontario Health Act of 2007 which took away our modalities right to use the word “Kinesiology”.  We thought that by referring to ourselves as Specialized Kinesiology we would be able to differentiate ourselves from the academic