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Fall Class Listings!!!

For the past few months, Dr. Michelle Greenwell has been extending her knowledge from her dissertation into program enhancements to help you with your Wellness Plan for the fall!  She is focused on releasing the stress and anxiety that our frozen postures are creating for us. For those who have

Optimizing your Day…what tools do you rely on?

In this podcast post, Dr. Michelle Greenwell shares the behind-the-scenes opportunities for balancing the body and systems while listening to her podcast. She has created the space for you to be pampered, while you listen. If you haven’t been following the podcast, now is the time to get started. Learn

Dance Debut is 35 Years old Today!

Dance Debut was imagined just after graduating from the University of Calgary with a Psychology Degree. My passion for educating and dancing moved me forward. Over the years I have taught on 4 continents, across Canada and the US, from infant to grandparent. Dance forms like stepdance, tap, jazz, highland,