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Meridian Sweep Dance

National Dance Week – Meridian Dance. This is the opportunity to access the electrical circuitry in the body that links to muscles and tissue. Before a Dance class this is an excellent warmup, and after a series of strenuous exercises, you can use this to make sure all the systems

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 21

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 21 – The Final Installment. The Rewards of Tai Chi: Patience, Persistence, Determination, Action, Awareness, Community and a Meridian Sweep! A Review of the Foundations and the Seated and Standing Don Yu! Thanks for sharing the journey!!! https://www.facebook.com/1545173182407440/videos/621344098305455 Resources: www.dancedebut.com(shop, blog posts, articles), Facebook: Qi

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 20

Introduction to Tai Chi Day Day 20 – Posture, Stop the Cart and Ask for Directions. Where can Tai Chi take you? Meridian Sweep. “One World, One Breath” April 27 – World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day. https://www.facebook.com/1545173182407440/videos/270643307202784

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 19

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 19: Tai Chi for Stairs, Meridian Sweep, Checking the Quad Muscles https://www.facebook.com/1545173182407440/videos/399815957466403

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 18

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 18 – Spiral Action Take 4 – Please go to Qi YINtegrations Facebook page to see Part 1 – 3 we had a technical glitch today – so sorry! Hands Turning, White Stork Spreads Wings, Phoenix opens his wings, Pull the Ox’s tail, Meridian Dance,