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Advancing Your Intuitive Connections

  Join us with paint, paper, brushes, and imagination. Together we are going to transform how you feel about your intuition and your expression of it through paint. Dr. Michelle Greenwell will introduce you to goal setting and intentions to create a focus for the event and in your life

Tai Chi, Dance and the Endocrine System

Starting this Saturday, January 24th, we will be exploring health and well-being through a special 8-week session linking movement and the Endocrine System.  Each week will be placing our focus on different aspects of the system and compassionately expand our awareness of the vitality of the area to well-being.  We

What is in the Shop at Dance Debut Inc.

Award winning publications
Dance Debut Inc has been offering well-being opportunities for over 35 years, and Michelle Greenwell has been an educator of dance, tai chi, and wellness programs for over 40 years!!! Since 2006 Michelle has been publishing books, music, and programs to support you, and to inspire more from what she

The Joy of Challenge with Natascha Polomski

It is with great pleasure that I begin Season 2 of Be Well with Michelle Greenwell. After 17 Episodes in Season 1 across a wide array of topics, we enter Season 2 with a deep dive into wellbeing and your choices in Self-Care. What better way to begin than with

Intention and Healing

The Power of our potential. This video recording brings everything into a clarity like never before.  Enjoy watching!  For those Tai Chi enthusiasts you have done Tai Chi for others, you have experienced what they are talking about.  For those that have been a part of distant healing…this clarifies how