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Gratitude and Forgiveness – supporting Compassionate Living

Over the last few years, we have certainly had our challenging times. It can be hard to focus on the good things in life or the gifts brought to us as we endeavor to get past the challenges, roadblocks, or misfortunes we have encountered. In Lok Hup, a form of

A Thank You for the Dr. Rogers Prize Nomination

This spring, Denise Cambiotti, of Muscle Tuners International and Business Code Breaker for Soulpreneurs, put forward a nomination for the newly graduated, Dr. Michelle Greenwell through the Complementary and Alternative Medicine program at Akamai University. Together they created 7 Executive Summaries of achievement, including a 17-page CV of presentations, awards,

Gratitude in the gesture of the bow….Thank you Tai Chi

“The set begins and ends with a bow” When I first heard these words in a Tai Chi presentation prior to signing up for my first class, it was a phrase that stuck, but I don’t know why.  Fast forward 25 years and I embrace every time I have the