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Feeling Success with Joanna Armstrong

There are many words circulating the internet these days as well as conversations about well-being. We talk about being mindful, finding our center, and breathing deeply. This is often seen as coming with a cup of tea or coffee, perhaps taking a break from work or family, or maybe being

Ready for a dynamic sitting podcast?

I hope you are intrigued. Dr. Michelle Greenwell has been invited to join Joanna Armstrong on her live podcast on Facebook this Wednesday, March 1 at 10 am Atlantic. Follow the link to register. We will be exploring dynamic sitting to help those people who spend long hours on a

Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce stress for performing and practicing

Performance stress, rehearsal anxiety, choreography learning can all lead to an increase in anxiety for dancers or performers. One of the best tools to reduce this stress is “Tapping”. You can find out more about it at www.thetappingsolution.com with videos and phrasing to use. But, the best way I have