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How do you prepare for transformation? Check out this podcast!

Vodcast Podcast Soundbite How we see the world and how we decide to engage with others is paramount to our success with family relationships, friends, and colleagues. It also is relevant to our desire to support compassionate care with others in the community and globally. Currently living in a tiny,

An energy building opportunity to change the vitality and joy in your day

It was my pleasure to be a Wellness Spotlight Supporter for Business from the Heart last month. The opportunity to interrupt the day to energize and goal set is always a highlight for me. This past year I have specialized in using my bioenergetic wellness tools to create an interactive

SoulBiz update!

What an exciting couple of months we have had with our publications. For anyone interested in learning more, be sure to check out the shop as well as the YouTube Channel to learn more. We hope that these resources are easy to use and to share. The Soul Biz launch