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Movement Made Easy Holiday Addition

The power of the Movement Made Easy class this fall as we explore the Digestive Tract has been empowering on many levels.  Participants have been realizing their true potential to heal, how to empower their day, simple tools to add to activities they are doing, and ways of understanding the

Creating memories, it is all in how you intend to celebrate!

As we gather with family and friends for our summer fun, we have the opportunity to create special connections. It can be around a fire pit, in the backyard, at the beach, hiking, kayaking, or just sitting and visiting with someone. These special moments are ones we treasure when the

Dance Debut is 35 Years old Today!

Dance Debut was imagined just after graduating from the University of Calgary with a Psychology Degree. My passion for educating and dancing moved me forward. Over the years I have taught on 4 continents, across Canada and the US, from infant to grandparent. Dance forms like stepdance, tap, jazz, highland,