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Centering your Intuition Podcast and Workshop

Learn more about the podcast: Podcast Vodcast Soundclip Do you know when you get that signal to turn around and you notice something you hadn’t realized was there? Or how about when someone is looking at you, and you know to turn at the same time? Perhaps you have called

A Thank You for the Dr. Rogers Prize Nomination

This spring, Denise Cambiotti, of Muscle Tuners International and Business Code Breaker for Soulpreneurs, put forward a nomination for the newly graduated, Dr. Michelle Greenwell through the Complementary and Alternative Medicine program at Akamai University. Together they created 7 Executive Summaries of achievement, including a 17-page CV of presentations, awards,

Optimizing your Day…what tools do you rely on?

In this podcast post, Dr. Michelle Greenwell shares the behind-the-scenes opportunities for balancing the body and systems while listening to her podcast. She has created the space for you to be pampered, while you listen. If you haven’t been following the podcast, now is the time to get started. Learn

The Heart of Performance and Presenting

The Heart of Performance with Colin MacLeod and Dr. Michelle Greenwell Buzzsprout with Chapter markers and links YouTube video version You know those jitters you get just before a presentation or pitching an idea? How about as a performer, waiting backstage for your name or your music to begin. We

Affirmations for the Body and BioField Testimonial

The Affirmations for the Body and BioField deck have been a part of many programs offered through Dance Debut. Specifically, Qi YINtegration, Movement Made Easy and the Be Well with Michelle Greenwell podcast. Interactive art is amazing as a support for health and wellbeing and this deck is no exception.