Supporting Family with Compassionate Living

Celebrating the 50th Episode of the Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell Podcast!!!

Sharing our love for a family so far from us, the Moyo Family from Malawi is in our hearts and prayers!

As families, we have life cycles that we weave through as the generations enter and leave us.  We are excited by the announcement of a new baby, or we are worried about the ability of this new being to be able to thrive and be nourished.  We have children growing and learning that we hope will achieve a strong education, as well as love and nurturing in their developing years, and we hope they will become strong, resilient adults.  Our parents become grandparents, and we endeavor to support healthy aging and thriving into the later years.  All of these dreams and ideations depend on our resources and our opportunities.

For those listening to the podcast, family dynamics may be complicated and challenging, or they may be rewarding and fruitful.  Most of us attentive to this conversation will have choices, resources, and opportunities.  What if our hopes and dreams do not have all that we need?  What if we strive each day for the opportunity to just survive?  These are tough ideas to face.

Today we have Charlene Waines here to share more about the Moyo Family and their story in Malawi, Africa.  She has an update on the family and a new introduction to share with us as we explore the idea of compassionate living, and being our best to help others to thrive and be successful in their own world.

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