Stepdance for Beginners online

Put a little spring in your step and a song in your heart!

Michelle is excited to be sharing this special online class for those wanting to put a little more toe-tapping fun into their day. This class is very informal and socks, hard-soled shoes, or tap shoes are fine for class. Everyone learns and participates at their own pace. Michelle will be wearing tap shoes so you can hear the rhythms, and she will explore different music sources and tempos to help develop special skills and musicality with your footwork.

Michelle offers a specialized warmup to assist feet, ankles, knees, and joints with being coordinated and engaged for the class and every day. Working with the interests of the students, Michelle incorporates the passion for dance into the desire for skill building, and having fun!

Classes are Mondays at 3 pm Atlantic.
From Sept 12 – Nov 7 with no class on Oct 10.
$70, please send by email with the answer “Michelle”
Zoom link will be shared, as well as access to the recordings each week
Socks, hard-soled shoes, or taps are welcome for class.

To register, please email Michelle at

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