Stacey’s Crazy Hat Dance! Just in time for Easter…

Stacey’s Crazy Hat Dance – Part 2 of Stacey on the Keyboard, we share how to play up and down the keyboard, the Fruit Salad in Tap Dance, and the steps you will need to play the Crazy Hat Dance! Thanks for joining us and please share with others who can have fun with dance too!!!

Parents: You can find Stacey on the Keyboard music on Spotify, CD Baby, and my website in the shop. Stacey’s Crazy Hat Dance is also on Youtube and the link has been posted on in the blog posts. Other great music for today’s lesson, you could use Put the Beat in Your Feet by Charlotte Diamond in Diamonds by the Sea, and Criss Cross Oh My Gosh which is also on Youtube and the link is posted. You can find more music by Dan the Music Man as well.

Join me for some special dance steps with tap shoes today, and help me roll across the floor with some different floor moves. If you are looking for a special dance for Easter, try “Stacey’s Crazy Hat Dance”. I show you all the moves.

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