Soulful Living with Robyn Weston on Michelle’s podcast

Creating a work/life balance begins with understanding who we are and what is at the core of our values. When we are aware of who we are as a person and our relationship with the world, then we have the potential to realize how and when our gifts will be most valuable to ourselves and to others.

In search of the gifts of other healers and finding the movers and shakers in the world, I have been endeavoring to learn more about the tips and tools of the wellness industry for those who have skills in creating energetic alignment and flow for others. My journey over the last few years has opened my eyes to all the assistance and love that is being held open for each of us if we are truly interested in healing and thriving.

Our journey today begins with Robyn’s choice to leave the corporate world and venture out as a healer. For the last 12 years, she has transformed her skills through the addition of Reiki, Intuitive Emotional Healing, and being a Change Facilitator and Way-Shower as she describes it. What led to her transformation? In today’s episode, we explore her inspiration to change.


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Season 3 we are devoting to the transformational process that happens when people reach into their authentic selves and create magic. Our season has several publications this year, and we hope they inspire and empower you to consider living your true heart’s desire with the love and compassion for others at the forefront. Thank you for joining us.

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