Sharing a special honor with you

As professionals in the wellness industry, we have been supporting the self-care efforts of the public for several decades!

As many of you know from years of posts and social media sharing, I am president of the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness. This is a position that I have loved and labored with for four years, and longer as a representative on the board. Through my sharing with this organization, I have been able to build new skills and connections that have expanded how I am linked globally with the Complementary and Integrative Health world. The members of CanBeWell, partners, and affiliates, are exceptional people all striving to provide proactive self-care options for people to get well and stay well. Our tools include working with the energy systems found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with biofeedback and awareness that includes muscle monitoring, as well as goal setting, intention, energy activation activities, and gathering in community with other like-minded individuals.

For the past two years I was able to present at the World Congress for Qi Gong, Tai Chi, TCM, and Healing Arts, and this year it was my pleasure to share the findings from my dissertation research. I am in awe of all that I have learned from Tai Chi, Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, NeuroReflex Integration, and dance. Movement is such a beautiful thing!

It is a pleasure to be in the presence of some amazing researchers, doctors, and movement artists who are also striving to provide the best resources for people to be empowered with their health. Congratulations to for their award, and to the World Congress for creating global opportunities that are changing the way Eastern and Western medicine are able to talk, communicate and connect. This is a win for everyone.

Stay tuned for more information, program development, and events being released in the coming weeks. Now is the perfect time to choose you for wellness and healthy activities!

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