Self-care for your summer fun!

In just a few minutes your day of fatigue, tension, pain, or suffering can be transformed and understood

Do you have tension in your shoulders and neck? Perhaps pain in your ankles or feet? Do you notice that you hold your breath throughout the day? Maybe some stiffness in the back from getting back into the garden. This special 3-hour workshop will provide you with a personal exploration of how stress is affecting your body and your ability to move, as well as tips and tools to release that stress. With all the fun times we have coming in the outdoors this summer, wouldn’t it be great if you were able to recognize stress and release it to maximize your days at work, driving children, or supporting clients with their self-care needs? This workshop is a great way to start your summer activities. Join Dr. Greenwell with the CCPA as she shares her passion for movement and self-discovery leading to well-being practices. #selfcare #canbewell #thekeytohealthwithenergymedicine #dance #taichi #wellbeing

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