S2E4 Surviving and Thriving after Trauma, The Power of BioEnergetic Wellness Tools

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Surviving and Thriving After Trauma – exploring Complementary and Integrative Health choices

Join our vodcast version of the Be Well with Michelle Greenwell podcast as we explore what it means to support yourself in an accident situation with bioenergetic wellness tools that can be first aid while waiting for medical attention. As well, we explore the expertise of colleagues who were able to step up to support further healing in areas that western medicine is not involved. The journey that Denise took to find speedy recovery and support for healing is remarkable and leads to the question, how would you respond in a situation, and what recovery tools would be at your disposal?

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Michelle will be sharing her latest experiences with the It’s in the Cards deck, and looks forward to inspiring you with a set of tools that can easily be used for minor aches and ailments that can complement other care you may be involved in. Check out the event registration here

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