Resources for Reducing Stress and Building Energy

It has been a couple of years since “My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegraton” received its Living Now Book award and Bronze Medal. The tools inside are very simple and also profound. You can transform your energy flow by changing just tiny little things that you do. When your energy flow opens and there is deep breathing, the body responds by being less stressed, and your reaction to that stress (anxiety, frustration, pain, low energy, sadness) can be transforming. If you haven’t taken time in the shop lately, there are lots of tools there to help you in your Self-Care.

The e-book includes videos as well, so you are not alone in learning the movements. These are the basics and they are simple and easy to learn. Once you have these tools under your belt, you know that the Youtube channel has more to offer you as you gain awareness and develop a layer of movements to increasingly support deeper into the body, mind and spirit!

Bronze Metal recipient from Living Now Book Awards

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